Wasting Money On Food At Work

When I totaled my weekly budget summary on Sunday I noticed that I had spent about $22 eating out at work over the past week. I only had one ‘real’ meal that week when I went to lunch with some coworkers, but that was only about $7 anyway. I dug into the numbers and realized that a bagel here, some coffee there, and a few snacks had all added up quite quickly.

$22 is probably a lot less money than I would have spent in a typical week eating at work just a few months ago (actually probably less than I would have spent on coffee alone in one week), but now that I’m committed to my budget, and paying every extra dollar I can find toward debt, the total really jumps out at me. I need to focus this week and keep the cash in my wallet. So far I’m two for two on days not spending any money while at work. This post will hopefully keep me accountable for the next three days.  🙂

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