Weekly Web Favorites: Crazed-Consumerist Edition

I’ve included an excellent video in this week’s Web Favorites. It’s called the Good Consumer. Sadly, there is far too much truth in this video.

California May Pay With IOUs, Minnesota $5.2 Billion in the Hole [from MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis] – Looks like just the beginning…my guess is that the bailout of the States will be the next big bailout story.

Shall We Call it a Depression Now? [from Robert Reich’s Blog] – Sounds a bit extreme to me, but it doesn’t seem like such as stretch as it might have a year ago.

How To Get A Gut [from Get Fit Slowly] – It’s far too easy to pack on extra pounds this time of year. Take action now!

The death of buy and hold? [from Early Retirement Extreme] – My early days in the stock market took place during the ‘new’ buy and hold strategy that seemed so perfect during the dotcom boom. Sadly, too many people still think it works.

Harvard: Not So Smart After All [from The Big Picture] – “Harvard’s endowment has now blown through over $8 Billion, or 22% in the last four months.” Yikes!

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