Reader Question: Bear Market Worries, What About My Roth IRA? by My Money Blog – Interesting response to a reader’s question about a drop in the stock market. My take, if you can’t handle seeing your mutual funds drop on a short term basis then you shouldn’t be investing in stocks. Find your comfort level with risk and invest in the appropriate place.

Ask the Readers: How Do You Keep Frugality Fun and Interesting? by Get Rich Slowly – This is a constant battle for me. I like seeing the progress in my account balances as I work to spend and save more wisely, but I still have the desire to buy things that I know I shouldn’t.

Making it to Boardwalk at, interview with Robert Kiyosaki – I found this interview to be a mixed bag, I like Kiyosaki’s focus on improving financial education, but I found the recommendation to buy silver to be rather bizarre. I guess you only have to be right about something like that once, but precious metals have rarely been a wise place to put your money. Time will tell.